10 Stunning HTML Menu Templates to Download

It's time for another one of our menu roundups and today we are showcasing some of our menu templates that use pure HTML/CSS. No Javascript or jQuery are needed for any of these menus so you can keep your code lightweight and simple.

Even without the Javascript, there are still a few menu templates that are responsive and will work well with mobile devices. You will want to check out this simple HTML menu bar template designs to see which one will work best or your website.

All these menu templates are free to download and customize so have at it. If you would like to see some more menus added to the post, just leave us a comment.

1. Orange Responsive HTML Menu

This pure CSS & HTML menu template comes with responsive support for mobile devices. It will gracefully adapt to any screen size that you throw its way.


Orange Responsive HTML Menu

2. Flat Tabbed HTML Menu Template

This flat designed menu will work well with a lightly designed website. The tab structure will work perfectly for a page that has sub navigation needs. Again, this menu is pure HTML/CSS so it's nice and lightweight.


Flat Tabbed HTML Menu Template

3. Stitched Vertical Menu Template

This vertical menu template will work perfectly in the sidebar navigation of your website. The prominent tabbed arrow design clearly lets users know where there are on the website and what their navigation options are.


Stitched Vertical Menu Template

4. Dark CSS3 & HTML Template

Check out this clean and minimalistic HTML menu template that only uses CSS3 and HTML. Simple and elegant, this menu navigation will serve well as the primary drop down menu on your website.


Dark CSS3 & HTML Template

5. Indented Horizontal Menu Bar

This indented single level navigation bar will put the finishing touches on your website's navigation design. Clean, lightweight, and elegant, this pure HTML menu solution will work well with most site designs.


Indented Horizontal Menu Bar

6. Simple Black Flyout Menu Navigation

Another great flyout menu template for your sidebar. Again, this menu is built using pure CSS & HTML so you know it will be compatible with whatever website platform you are using.


Simple Black Flyout Menu Navigation

7. Silver Salmon Button Drop Down HTML Menu Template

A silver template with drop down effect to sort your products, ready to use.


Silver Salmon Button Drop Down HTML Menu Template

8. Platinum Tabbed Drop Down HTML Menu Template

This HTML menu template comes with a nice platinum color, fully customizable for your next web app.


Platinum Tabbed Drop Down HTML Menu Template

9. Rounded Slate Flyout HTML Menu Template

A rounded slate HTML menu template with flyout animation, excellent to combine with the silver salmon template.


Rounded Slate Flyout HTML Menu Template

10. White Flyout HTML Menu Template

This beautiful white flyout HTML menu template can combine with the flat tabbed menu to give your visitors a nice clean feel.


Rounded Slate Flyout HTML Menu Template