• September 21, 2013

CSS tabs are great navigational components that can simplify a websites navigation and cut down on bounce rates. When a user doesn't know where they are in the hierarchy of your site, they will most likely take off. What is nice about CSS tabs is that the active tab will always clearly mark where the user currently is. Guess work is over and the users needs to do little thinking in order to get the bearings and navigate to another page.

CSS tabs are such an important part of web design we have compiled a list of our most popular CSS tab menus so that you can use them on your own project. Take a look below and let us know what you think. All of these menus have source code you can download and you can also customize them in our Menu Maker.

  1. 1

    Colored CSS Tab Menu

    Tab Menu

    This css tab menu boast a clean and clear design that leaves no questions where you are on the site. Strong primary colors combined with the neutral, grey background make this a great css tab menu design.

  2. 2

    Big Blue CSS Tabs

    This CSS tabs menu is large and in charge. No guess work to know what page you are on here. Check it out and grab the source code for your next project.

  3. 3

    Chromed CSS Tabs

    Chromed CSS Tabs

    This little beauty brings me back to the days of the old school macintoshes. Whether you feel the same way the CSS tabs here will be a great addition to you project.



There you have it. Our top CSS tab menu designs. If you have any designs you would like to see added to this article let us know in the comments.

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