5 Free Javascript Accordion Menu Navigation

Javascript Accordion menus make it possible to hide unnecessary sections of your site navigation while focusing on keeping focus on a users current selection. If you sidebar men navigation is cluttered and unclear, you will want to look into a javascript accordion menu navigation solution. These will work best for blog posts or web pages that are too long to scroll or a category section when you want to save space.

All the javascript accordion menu navigation below are free to download and customize for your website. They are built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript/jQuery and will work on iPad, iPhone, and mobile devices.

1. Modern Javascript Accordion Menu

A modern Javascript accordion menu with cross-browser compatibility. This design uses plus and minus indicators to give the user context of where they are in your current website navigation.


Modern Javascript Accordion Menu

2. Flat Numbered Javascript Accordion Menu

A beautiful flat design javascript accordion menu with numbered sub menus. This design will clearly show users the number of sub menu items in each accordion menu level.


Flat Numbered Javascript Accordion Menu

3. Flat & Minimalistic Javascript Accordion Navigation

A minimalistic accordion menu that uses a flat design.


Slabbed Javascript Accordion Menu Navigation

4. Slabbed Javascript Accordion Menu Navigation

A Slabbed Accordion Menu, fully customizable. Supports up to 2 sub menus, you can change the color, size and etc.


Slabbed Javascript Accordion Menu Navigation

5. Elegant Javascript Accordion Menu

An Elegant Accordion Menu with a lot of customization options that can be integrated into your site/blog quickly without writing any code.


Elegant Javascript Accordion Menu