• July 8, 2014

This collection focuses on menus that use jQuery to achieve an accordion menu functionality. An item in an accordion menu will slide down to revel sub menus when clicked. This type of menu design works well when you have limited space in a sidebar to show a navigation. All of the jQuery accordion menus below are free to download and customize.

Use our MenuMakers to easily build and customize menus.

  1. 1

    Simple jQuery Accordion Menu

    This jQuery accordion menu packs a big punch in a small amount of space. With support of up to 3 levels you can condense your lengthy navigation into a fancy accordion menu. Download this jQuery menu for free and customize to your liking.

  2. 2

    Modern jQuery Accordion Menu

    jQuery Accordion Menu

    Our modern accordion menu will work perfectly for that empty sidebar in your life. This menu uses jQuery to build a beautifully transitioning navigation.

  3. 3

    Accordion Menu with CSS Transistions

    Accordion Menu with CSS Transistions

    This accordion menu uses jQuery for the display and hiding of sub menus. But, for the graphical transitions, thats all CSS. Download and play with the code to create your own transitions.

  4. 4

    Flat Designed Numbered Accordion Menu

    This menu not only provides an accordion design, but also uses jQuery to count the number of items in the sub menu. This design would work well with an admin interface or user backend. Download the source code to customize for free.

  5. 5

    Elegant Accordion Navigation

    Elegant Accordion Navigation

    Use this menu in your sidebar when you run out of space and need to tidy things up a little bit.


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