5 Free jQuery Vertical Menu Navigations

Vertical Accordion menus are the perfect solution when you don't have enough space on your site. These vertical menus feature a smooth accordion transition so that your visitors can clearly see the next level of navigation or categories that is presented to them.

We have achieved the accordion functionality using jQuery, the javascript framework that makes simple effects and transitions a breeze. Enough of that, let's get to the freebies!

1. Blue Slabbed jQuery Vertical Menu

A sleek vertical accordion menu for your next website/app. Minimalistic use of jQuery to show the sub-menus.


Blue Slabbed jQuery Vertical Menu

2. Green Flat Accordion Menu

Green Flat is fully responsive and touch-enabled accordion plugin menu that uses Jquery functionality to offer modern and engaging user experience.


Green Flat Accordion Menu

3. Darky Modern JQuery Vertical Navigation

Darky brings you a unique design and multi-level support. This Jquery accordion will help you sort your categories when you have the lack of extra space.


Darky Modern JQuery Vertical Navigation

4. Numbered Jquery Mobile Menu

Numbered brings you an alternative solution to show your navigation in mobile devices. Using Jquery we bring you a nice way to show the number of submenus inside each category. A nice stunning effect that your visitors will appreciate.


Numbered JQuery Mobile Menu

5. Modern Jquery Menu

Modern gives you a nice cross icon to show the sub-levels in your navigation. The Jquery plugin gives it a nice transition between categories, an accordion effect that your visitors will love and enjoy. Ready to mobile or normal sites.


Modern Jquery Menu