• August 10, 2013

So with the latest addition of jQuery Menus to the site we are now able to bring you dynamic accordion menus. We will be filling out our selection of these menus as time goes on but to kick things off here is a round up of some of the sexiest accordion menus we can find on the net. Take a look and grab some inspiration for you next design project. If you think we are missing some good ones, let us know in the comments.

  1. 1

    jQuery Elegant Menu

    So we might have a little bit of a bias opinion with this one since it happens to be one of our own. That doesn't make it any less of a sexy accordion menu. Check it out and grab the source code if you wanna tweak it.

  2. 2

    Blue and White Accordion Menu

    First up is this version of an accordion menu by Nicola over at the website Dribble. This menu would work perfectly as navigation for an admin section of the site or just a way to cleanup your sidebar.

  3. 3

    Transparent Accordion

    This transparent accordion menu looks great on the wood background. The transparent style would probably not work as well on a solid background, but if you are using images this will work perfectly.

  4. 4

    Dark Purple Accordion

    This dark, rich, purple accordion menu means business. With the search field on top it could easily be used to minimize the sidebar navigation.

  5. 5

    Flat Red

    So, flat design seems to be all the rage and I can see why with this menu. Simple and to the point with no extra flare needed. If you are looking for a minimal design, this might be the way to go.