8 Clean jQuery Menu Examples

Hello! Today we bring you some good examples of Jquery usage in navigation menus. As you may know, navigations are a huge part of any website, especially if you have a lot of pages to sort in categories. That's why you may need two types of menus: the normal horizontal navigation and the cool vertical menus.

With Jquery you can create awesome animations that will attract more visitors! And you have a lot of customizable options. So let's get to it!

1. White Drop Down Jquery Menu Navigation

This menu example uses jquery to bring you a nice animation that your users will enjoy. Also, it's responsive!


White Drop Down JQuery Menu Navigation

2. Cherry Jquery Menu Example

A cherry menu that uses jquery to bring you a sweet animation and responsive support.


Cherry JQuery Menu Example

3. Slabbed Accordion JQuery Sidebar Example

This sidebar uses jquery to create two submenus to organize your categories. Perfect for your next web app.


Slabbed Accordion JQuery Sidebar Example

4. Green Flat JQuery Vertical Menu

Jquery and Flat Design, what else can you ask for in a menu? A great accordion to show your groups.


Green Flat JQuery Vertical Menu

5. JQuery Accordion Menu

A fully customizable Jquery menu with a nice accordion effect. Great for your next site.


JQuery Accordion Menu

6. Blue JQuery Navigation

This beautiful menu uses Jquery to create a nice Animated navigation that you can customize for your site. Also, it's responsive!


Blue JQuery Navigation

7. Orange Jquery Menu Example

This menu is awesome! It's simple, it's great. A perfect example of good use of JQuery.


Orange JQuery Menu Example