8 jQuery Mobile Menu Navigations

Due to high usage of smartphones, mobile apps, mobile sites or responsive sites have become an important part to expand the customer base. Creating mobile sites can be a challenge due to the numerous sizes of mobiles, or browsers. But It's okay! Today we have compiled a list of 8 beautiful, free and ready to use jQuery mobile menus for your navigation. The images displayed are from the mobile view, you can also check the normal view in a direct link.

So, let's get to it! Enjoy!

1. White Flat JQuery Mobile Navigation

White Flat is a responsive mobile menu plugin for jQuery with features like multi-level menu support, cross-browser compatibility, Flexible and simple markup.


White Flat JQuery Mobile Navigation

2. Textured Jquery Mobile Menu

This Textured menu is a responsive and touch-friendly dropdown navigation. The mobile implementation was created using media queries and adoption for touch screen devices with the help of a super tiny jQuery plugin.


Textured Jquery Mobile Menu

3. Orange Responsive JQuery Menu

Orange is a lightweight jQuery for responsive navigation menus on the fly. It is 100% mobile responsive with cross-browser compatibility.


Orange Responsive JQuery Menu

4. Cherry JQuery Mobile Navigation

A simple, vertical menu navigation with submenu support. Animated with JQuery and it's mobile ready!


Cherry JQuery Mobile Navigation

5. Animated JQuery Mobile Navigation

Animated is a jQuery navigation for creating slick menus for you mobile website or responsive website.


Animated JQuery Mobile Navigation

6. Softy JQuery Mobile Menu

A beautiful design menu for your mobile site, Softy uses JQuery to give a great animation to your navigation.


Softy JQuery Mobile Menu

7. Darken Flat JQuery Mobile Navigation

Darken was designed specially for black themed sites, great for reading at night. Your users will love the JQuery animation and the sub-menu support.


Darken Flat JQuery Mobile Navigation

8. Jay JQuery Responsive Menu

Jay converts your navigation menus from an horizontal menu to a drop down menu when resizing your browser. On mobile devices the JQuery plugin makes it easier to pick an item.


Jay JQuery Responsive Menu