We have compiled another set of free Dreamweaver templates. These templates are ideal for restaurant websites. These templates can be used as it is just change the texts and images. You can also customize them if you know a little of HTML and CSS.

We have collected a total of 16 free restaurant Dreamweaver templates for this article. We found a lot of them but we think these are the best out there. These templates are professionally built and designed by seasoned web developers. They give out free Dreamweaver templates for their internet marketing activities.All you have to do is edit the texts and images and you have a beautiful website for your business.

Dreamweaver Drop Down Menu Extension

Create amazing drop down menus in Dreamweaver with our easy to use extension. Choose from 100+ profession templates.

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  1. 1


    http://www.freecsstemplates.org/preview/culinary/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 1
  2. 2


    http://www.freecsstemplates.org/preview/spanning/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 2
  3. 3


    http://www.freecsstemplates.org/preview/cleantype/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 3
  4. 4


    http://www.freecsstemplates.org/preview/pomodoro/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 4
  5. 5

    Corn Food

    http://www.freewebtemplates.com/download/free-website-template/corn-food-614779124/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 9
  6. 6

    Cooking School

    http://www.freewebtemplates.com/download/free-website-template/cooking-school-248664587/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 5
  7. 7


    http://www.freewebtemplates.com/download/free-wp-theme/hassiumize-936265437/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 6
  8. 8


    http://www.freewebtemplates.com/download/free-website-template/menutude-939264685/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 7
  9. 9

    Cookies n Cream

    http://www.freewebtemplates.com/download/free-website-template/cookies-n-cream-292576263/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 8
  10. 10


    http://www.freewebtemplates.com/download/free-website-template/cafetti-692526535/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 10
  11. 11

    Template 02

    http://www.freewebtemplates.com/download/free-website-template/template-02-399849334/Dreamweaver Restaurant Templates 11
  12. 12

    Free Template #303

    http://www.freetemplatesonline.com/templates/Free-Restaurant-Template-303.htmlDreamweaver Restaurant Templates 12
  13. 13

    Free Template #224

    http://www.freetemplatesonline.com/templates/Coffee-224.htmlDreamweaver Restaurant Templates 13
  14. 14

    Free Template #139

    http://www.freetemplatesonline.com/templates/Free-Food-DrinkTemplates-CSS-Templates-139.htmlDreamweaver Restaurant Templates 14
  15. 15

    Free Template #118

    http://www.freetemplatesonline.com/templates/Free-Food-Drink-templates-118.htmlDreamweaver Restaurant Templates 15
  16. 16

    Free Template #83

    http://www.freetemplatesonline.com/templates/Free-Food-Drink-Templates-83.htmlDreamweaver Restaurant Templates 16

Did we miss any?

We picked the templates that we think are functional, beautiful and professional If you know a free template that is suitable for restaurants please leave a comment below so we can add it on our list.