How do I get a menu to work with mobile devices? (iOS/Android)

Many users have been asking about how to get there menus working on mobile devices. Not all of our menus will work perfectly on mobile devices, but we have built some menus specifically for this purpose.

Responsive Menus

For the best results on mobile devices, iPhone/iPad/Android, you will want to use one of our Responsive Menus. These menus have been designed to work with all mobile devices and will give your users the best experience. Responsively design menus will work like a normal menu when being viewed in desktop browsers, but once you view the menu on mobile devices, it responds by creating a smaller, mobile friendly menu.

If you are using one of our responsive menus, then you will want to add this meta tag in the header of your page. This makes sure that your website scales to the right size when viewed on a mobile device.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no">  

jQuery Menus

Our jQuery Menus have been built to work with mobile devices as well. Touch events are registered with all our jQuery Menus so tablets and phones will display these menus nicely. We have a bunch of Accordion jQuery Menus and jQuery Drop down menus so take a look.