Javascript Drop Down Menu Examples

Here at MenuMaker we have acquired a large collection of Javascript drop down menus that you can download for free and use in your next project. Our drop down menus use HTML, CSS, & Javascript to create a simple and fluid navigation experience for users, regardless of what device they are on.

Some of our Javascript menus are using the jQuery Menu library, so make sure that you are including the jQuery script before using some of these menus. By using a little bit of Javascript in our menus, can make sure they are responsive and respond to any browser or screen size the user has.

Textured Javascript Drop Down Menu

This responsive, javascript drop down menu is not short on style. This time we have used a textured background image to give the menu that rough appearance. The image is a transparent pattern so you can change the background color of the menu and without changing the image. This menu is fully responsive and will work with all touch devices.

Animated Drop Down Menu in Javascript

Another flat designed javascript menu in our collection that supports drop down and responsive features. As you hover over each individual menu item, CSS animation techniques will make the icons rotate.

Basic Responsive Javascript Menu

Responsive Drop Down Javascript Menu

One of the latest menu design to use our new jQuery Responsive Menu Plugin. We have included lots of flexibility and options with this menu. Check out the GitHub Page for more information on how to use the jQuery Plugin with this menu.

Dual-Tone Javascript Drop Down Menu

This drop down menu and its blue accent can be customized to fit the design of any site. It's built with CSS, HTML, and Javascript so that I can work with and device.