Top Dreamweaver Shopping Cart Extensions

The sales from eCommerce are expected to continuously rise every year. It is a billion dollar industry and a lot of people wants a piece of it. Many have made millions from eCommerce sales from their home. If you are planning to sell your products on your Dreamweaver-based website your website will need a shopping cart.

A shopping cart does not just enable your customers to purchase products online it also allows you to seamlessly process their orders from the back-end. A good shopping cart will have the features to receive money, issue credit, calculate shipping rates, enable you to setup discount coupons, and much more.

We spent several hours on searching and making an initial review of available Dreamweaver shopping cart extensions.

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1. eCart by WebAssist

This Dreamweaver extension is not free but it packs a punch. This free Dreamweaver extension seems pretty decent, it offers cool features that are easy to setup. Another good thing about it is that they have a customer service number that you can call for support.

eCart by WebAssist

2. Cart Weaver

This Dreamweaver extension seems expensive but, sometimes you have to pay a high price to get a high-quality product. We have tested a demo account of this extension. My immediate feedback about the back end is the user-friendly interface. It was very easy for me to understand what to do with it and how to configure the extension. They have certainly worked on the user interface of this product.

Cart Weaver

3. NetStores E-commerce Shopping Cart Extensions

NetStores offers several eCommerce solutions. They have several Dreamweaver extensions for you to choose from. They offer monthly payments starting at a low price with limited features. You can upgrade the plan that you have as your business grows. They offer free web hosting for some of their plans certain terms and conditions will apply They also have a toll-free number that customers can call for support. Another cool feature that I noticed is they have an extension that you can hook up with QuickBooks to make your bookkeeping a lot easier.

NetStores Ecommerce Shopping Cart Extensions


PHP X-cart II is a great improvement over its predecessor. It is certainly a good plugin since they have learned a lot from the first shopping cart extension. All the improvements needed for the PHP X-cart was added to this extension. There are also a lot of feedback saying they offer a good customer support but I was not able to find a toll free number while browsing their website.


5. Site Store Pro Shopping Cart

The first ting I noticed from the maker of this extension is their website, It is professionally built. They claim to be the most powerful Dreamweaver extension ever made. What I like about them is they offer a free trial version that does not expire.

Site Store Pro Shopping Cart

We will continuously update this list of Dreamweaver extension to provide you with the best available solution. If you have used one of the products that we have listed above, we sure love to hear your first-hand feedback about it. Just leave a comment below for your feedback.