Flat Dropdown Menu Tutorial

Recently, the new Flat Accented Dropdown Menu was added to our library of Drop Down Menus. As a nice followup, we'll be explaining its creation process in this tutorial!

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CSS Price Table Templates

Just recently discover a great resource for web designers called Code Canyon where you can purchase small scripts and code for your website. I happened to stumble across their Price Table Templates and was amazed with the selections and great designs that I could purchase for a couple bucks. So in the spirit of sharing I have compiled a list of the best looking price table templates I could find on the site.

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Basics of CSS Box-shadow

If you're a designer, you might be familiar with Photoshop's (or other drawing program) "drop shadow" layer property. It gives that layer a small shadow, creating the illusion of it floating on top of the canvas. On the web, there is a similar feature in CSS called a box-shadow. The basics of box-shadow will be explained below, and we'll see a few of the cool capabilities this CSS3 property allows us to do.

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CSS Button Set Tutorial

On larger site projects, you may run into a situation where you need a coherent set of buttons with different properties, be it in size, color, or both. This CSS button tutorial will use some simple classes to acheive this quite easily!

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New Menus: Opera Flyout

  • December 22, 2012

You've been enjoying the Opera Dropdowns but maybe you've been wishing there was a vertical version you could use. Well, it's a Christmas miracle, because Opera Flyouts are now up and available in all the same colors!


A slick black gradient accented with a bright right-edge border, expanding into matching colored submenus, these flyouts will provide an excellent choice for a dark and elegant navigation. Current colors include:

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CSS Flyout Menu Starter Kit

I am going to show you how to create a barebones CSS flyout menu. If you are looking for templates, check out our CSS Flyout Menus page. The following code is not meant to be a finished product for your website. Instead, I am simply trying to provide a robust starting point for designers to expand upon. The goal here is to create a structured yet flexible flyout menu that can be used in any design.

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Create a Spry Vertical Flyout Menu in Dreamweaver

Create a vertical flyout menu using Dreamweaver and the Spry framework. Dreamweaver makes the process easy with commented stylesheets and the ability to fill in the menu items quickly, all without coding.

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Top Dreamweaver Shopping Cart Extensions

The sales from eCommerce is expected to continuously rise every year. It is a billion dollar industry and a lot of people wants a piece of it. Many have made millions from eCommerce sales from their home. If you are planning to sell your products on your Dreamweaver based website your website will need a shopping cart.

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